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Abdullah Demir graduated from Uludag University, Faculty of Theology (2002). He completed his master's degree (2006) at the Graduate School of Social Sciences of the same university with his thesis named "Imitators' Belief in Maturidite School" and his doctorate from Cumhuriyet University the Graduate School of Social Sciences with his research "The Kalām Method of Abū Ishāq Zāhid al-Saffār" (2014). He worked as an Imam, preacher, and prison preacher at the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey (2003-2010). Subsequently, he worked as a research assistant and lecturer at Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Theology (2011-2017). He carried out his post-doctoral research at the University of Nottingham in 2015-2016 and is still working as a faculty member at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Department of Theology. Dr. Demir is the author of the books titled The Kalām Method of Abū Ishāq al-Saffār, ISNAD Citation Style, Guide for Religious Services for Penitentiary Institutions, and Diyarbakır's Religious Cultural Heritage. Demir was the editor of Cumhuriyet Theology Journal (2016-1019) and ULUM Journal of Religious Inquiries (2018-2020) and is still the editor of Eskiyeni since 2019 and Tetkik. Demir developed ISNAD Citation Style, the first and only academic writing and citation system based in Turkey for use in the social sciences, in 2018, with the support of Sivas Cumhuriyet University, and made it available for open access. The 2nd Edition of ISNAD was published in 2019 and translated into English, Persian, and Arabic. He has academic publications on Ḥanafī-Māturīdī Theological Tradition and continues to work in this field.


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