Adhesion properties of MgO-ZrO2 insulation coatings for 5 Tesla HTS coils

ÇELİK E., Avci E., Hascicek Y.

Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology, vol.97, no.1, pp.25-33, 2003 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Self insulating substrate tapes (SIST) is the most promising insulation technique for high temperature MgO-ZrO2 coatings on Ag and AgMg sheathed Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu2Ox (Bi-2212) superconducting tapes and wires in applications of HTS/LTS coils and magnets. We have already reported successful results as to the synthesis, characterizations and applications of the insulation coatings using the SIST. In order to provide no electrical short circuit in Jc measurements of HTS/LTS coils, the bonding of the coatings onto the substrate is a very important issue. In this present research, the adhesion properties of high temperature MgO-ZrO2 coatings were scrutinized for different processing parameters. Lap joints were fabricated by laying fresh sol-gel coated silver tape samples over each other and then by heat-treating at temperature range of 500-800 °C for several times in air. These joint samples were pulled to failure by using a mini tensile tester. MgO-ZrO2 was coated on Ag tapes by sol-gel process using Mg and Zr based precursors. The obtained results obviously pointed out that the best Mg precursor is Mg(C5H7O2)·2H2O to prepare solution and there is a strong relationship between film growth and adhesion properties. Also, MgO content in ZrO2 increased its bonding strength. The optimum heat treatment conditions are 600 °C and 15 min for best bonding for these high temperature insulation coatings on HTS tape conductor. The failure mode of all samples was in the form of a mixed type interfacial/cohesive defects in MgO-ZrO2 coating. © 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.