Rosai-Dorfman disease presenting as laryngeal masses.

Ensari S., Selçuk A., Dere H., Perez N., SAK S.

Kulak burun boǧaz ihtisas dergisi : KBB = Journal of ear, nose, and throat, vol.18, no.2, pp.110-114, 2008 (Scopus) identifier identifier


Extranodal lesions may be the sole manifestation of Rosai-Dorfman disease (RDD). Although the head and neck region is one of the most common extranodal sites, laryngeal involvement is very rare. A 44-year-old woman presented with a complaint of progressive dyspnea. She had a three-year history of treatment for asthma and a history of operation for a nasal mass that afflicted her for 15 years and was diagnosed as rhinoscleroma. On physical examination, she had three subcutaneous lesions, in the left lower eyelid, right epicanthal area, and left forearm, respectively. No lymphadenopathy was present. Laryngoscopic examination revealed three solid, polypoid masses in the subglottic region, 1 cm in diameter. With a two-staged operation, the laryngeal masses were excised totally together with the subcutaneous lesions. Histological examination of all the specimens showed proliferation of histiocytes. Immunohistochemical staining revealed typical S-100 protein-positive histiocytes and emperipolesis. Both laryngeal and subcutaneous lesions were diagnosed as RDD. A re-evaluation of sections from the previous operation specimen of the nasal mass showed the same morphological features. The patient was healthy without recurrence, nine months following surgery.